Design Thinking Informs Better Products

IDS is thrilled to highlight Vancouver-based, homegrown companies who have thoughtful mandates, strong design sensibilities and are thriving in the region and beyond.

Striving to become completely plastic free, Nellie’s will be participating at IDS Vancouver this September with their new glass bottle series.  The Nellie’s team is making active changes to move away from single-use plastic and to ensure their company processes are less wasteful. Working with their in-house designers, the steps they’ve taken so far include introducing glass bottles and stopping production on plastic spray nozzles. Nellie’s will also be introducing a reusable spray bottle called the One Bottle, removing plastic pouches and replacing them with metal tins, and changing the tin packaging to a new material that allows them to remove the plastic bag inside. A strong example of how design thinking informs better products, see these new products in person at the show! Visit the Nellie’s booth #445 September 26 – 29 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

The Nellie’s team will be replacing the plastic bottles they use for their cleaners with glass bottles. Glass is infinitely more recyclable than plastic, can be reused over and over, and eventually turns into sand. In a further effort to remove unnecessary plastic from production and to have consumers rethink how they are using and reusing household items, Nellie’s will be removing the plastic spray nozzles from their cleaners and launching a campaign called “Where’s My Sprayer?” Spray nozzles often are made up of both plastic and metal pieces, which makes them non-recyclable, so they end up in our landfill. Their goal is to have consumers reuse their existing sprayers that so many of us have in our house already.

The One Bottle, which will be introduced later this year, will be a reusable, durable spray bottle designed with a contemporary aesthetic. They want consumers to use this bottle over and over again for any spray cleaner or mist they need.

Something that Nellie’s is so well known for is their mandate to reuse before you recycle. They aim to offer all of their products in packaging that can be reused in many ways. For example, their glass bottles can be reused as vases or fragrance stick holders; their popular tins often get reused for storage and organizing, and their Dryerball tin is designed to be reused as a piggybank. As for recycling, metal and glass are two of the most commonly recycled materials, which is why they will be using them for the majority of their packaging moving forward.

To learn more about all that Nellie’s has to offer and where you can purchase their products visit their website and visit them at IDS Vancouver 2019 where they will be launching the new glass series.


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