Acsend Accents

Custom 3d Wall Panels
3D wall panels bring your walls to life with modern and contemporary textured wall designs. Our interior wall paneling are made from natural materials. Our current selection includes Plant fiber wall paneling, MDF Wood wall panels.

AD Waters

With over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, AD WATERS has developed invaluable know-how and expertise in North America.

Today, with branches in all corners of the continent, AD WATERS distributes an impressive range of market-leading lines of plumbing products, presenting a complete offering to its clients.

Adelaide Lala Tam

Adelaide Lala Tam explores complexities within the food production system with an intention to unfold the stories behind it. She is curious about the role of a designer as a mediator between food and design and uses her design skills to reconnect people to the origin of their food.

Alexandra Fruhstorfer

Soup from the invasive pond slider turtle, roasted raccoon with shoots from Japanese knotweed and seed on cream from Himalayan Balsam could appear on the menu of a near future.

“Menu from the new wild” by industrial designer Alexandra Fruhstorfer is a culinary concept solution targeting two major problems: protecting our native biodiversity from invasive species and offering new food resources for our growing population.

Through a special dining experience, Alexandra provokes discussions about global ecological changes and human role within it. “Do we have to change our paradigms of consumption if we want to protect what we consider to be our ‘pristine’ nature? Or is this only a late justification of our own ecological mess? How do we even define ‘nature’ in the age of the anthropocene?”

Alexandra Genis

Using molecules to spice up gastronomic experiences, Russian-German food designer Alexandra Genis proves that not everything artificial is unsustainable, as she eliminates the need to transport produce around the world.

Atoma is a collection of spices that create flavour through nothing but pure molecules. Each molecule has an individual flavour and can be added to a dish by rasping. Every flavour can be concocted everywhere, in any season or climate, eliminating the need for transporting exotic and expensive produce from faraway places. Atoma ensures high-quality food experiences without affecting the landscape.

Ali Alamzadeh Design

Ali Alamzadeh’s Layer Up is a material exploration that reconstitutes used newsprint into wood to create accessories and surfaces. It showed a dedication to rethinking a waste material and promises to be a potential solution to a big problem.

Amanda Huynh

Diasporic Dumplings by Canadian food designer Amanda Huynh explores a sense of territory and resilience through bite-sized tastings of ingredients harvested from the immediate surroundings. The project considers indigenous plants, as well as the invasive species that have adapted to a new life, far away from home.

AMY Inspired

At AMY we believe that everyone matters and is equal. We affiliate ourselves with suppliers, organizations and other amazing businesses that align with who we are. Those companies reflect our values, integrity, and adhere to the highest safety standards. We feel that it is very important that all organizations are responsible for their imprint on our earth. That is why we want to ensure that our products that we put out into the market have a healthy life cycle to them. We partner with local nonprofits, donating a portion of our proceeds to help those organizations do their good work. We also donate end-of-term furniture to in-need families in your community to help them make a fresh start.


Born from a desire to produce functional lighting, luminaire design, and manufacturer ANDlight aims to create honest products.

With an authentic approach to the design process, the production, and the way of conducting business, ANDlight has established itself as a brand with substance since its launch in 2013. It proposes approachable products that are timeless in form and reliability, refined in aesthetics, with an astutely applied touch of playfulness.

ANDlight’s luminaires are designed, built and assembled in their native Vancouver, Canada.


SIX years ago the search for a powder room wallpaper in the new family home began. We looked around and we couldn't find anything awesome! This is when we decided to create our own...

anewall started by creating standout wall mural and wallpaper designs that we PERSONALLY LOVE.

We are proud to offer Canadian made and meticulously crafted wallpaper murals for YOU… and it makes us SMILE to see them in your home.

anewall – Don’t know how to say it? Don’t worry, it’s weird. Just say “a new wall” really fast and you’ll nail it!

Arostegui Studio

Arostegui Studio has been designing and fabricating high-quality furniture for private and commercial clients since 2014. With extra care on details and craftsmanship, we create work that our clients will love and enjoy for a long time.

We are very proud that our custom-made work and products are manufactured by local businesses in Victoria, BC, Canada.


We specialize in professional art and mirror installation (picture hanging) services to both RESIDENTIAL and CORPORATE clients in Toronto, Vancouver and all across Canada.

Arvid Jense & Marie Caye

What would our food system look like if it was run and owned by robots? Which choices would be made and would the system become more fair?

SAM is a Symbiotic Autonomous Machine, designed by French-Dutch designers Marie Caye and Arvid Jense, but not owned by them. SAM produces soda made from Waterkefir and sells it. Since he can’t taste the flavour of his produced soda, he adds his Twitter account to the receipt given at purchase, where he asks customers to rate the flavour online in order to adjust the recipe.

He uses the money earned to employ humans to work for him. Notions of profit, or even greed, are superfluous and SAM produces at cost, reimburses debt and pays bills as a single economic entity. Since our current society does not give agency yet to non-human commercial entities, he rent’s Marie’s identity to be able to get registered at the Chamber of Commerce.


The ASSA ABLOY Group is the global leader in access solutions. Our offering covers products and services related to openings, such as locks, doors, gates and entrance automation solutions. This also includes expertise in controlling identities with keys, cards, tags, mobile and biometric identity verification systems.

Atelier Dimopoulos

Born and raised in Victoria BC, Stéfane is a graduate of the Fine Furniture and Joinery program from Camosun college. Over his career, Stéfane has drawn inspiration from Danish Modern, Mid-century modern, and Dieter Ram’s 10 rules for good design. He strives to design pieces with clean lines derived from simple ideas. He works towards making pieces with honesty through good, concise craftsmanship, always committed to the preservation of the environment.

Atlas Granite Inc.

You hear about SMART everything these days. Well here it is:

Atlas Granite is not just any other stone company; you could say we are a high tech stone company with the development of intelligent counter tops.  Imagine with a swipe of your hand you can look up your favorite recipe, and then start to cook your gourmet meal right on top of your counter top with induction heat cooking, and while you are cooking your great meal on your counter top, you can check out your favorite hockey team score, when the next football game is, what the new movies are out for the weekend, even the big sale happening over the weekend at your favorite store.  Come check us out to see that the future is here with Hi-tech counter tops at Atlas Granite.


Baldwin | Weiser

Quality, security, style and innovation have been the hallmarks of every Baldwin and Weiser product for 71 and 115 years respectively. We’re passionately committed to continuously introducing new styles, finishes and technologies that fit the needs of today’s changing lifestyles and fashion trends. After all, friends and acquaintances can tell a lot about you by observing your home and how it’s decorated. In fact, one of a visitor’s first impressions is the door hardware on your home’s entr

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Struer, a small town in the northwestern part of Denmark, by two enterprising young engineers, Peter Bang, and Svend Olufsen. They created a business that was to become an international design icon and a global symbol of audio-visual excellence.

Today Bang & Olufsen a/s is world renowned for its distinctive range of quality televisions, music systems, and high-performance loudspeakers; products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal in a sensational design language.
Bang & Olufsen products are sold mainly by an extensive, independent retail network across more than 100 countries. The majority of these retailers are concept stores, which exclusively sell Bang & Olufsen products.

Besides entertainment products for the home environment, Bang & Olufsen applies its acoustic skills and design competencies in creating high-performance sound systems for the high-end car industry, bringing the entertainment experience to a new level.

BC Wood

BC Wood is a not-for-profit trade association that has represented British Columbia’s value-added wood products industry for 30 years.  It is an industry-led association with a membership base of 120 wood products manufacturers and a board of directors that represents every value-added sector in every region of the province.

Established in 1989 as a partnership between industry and government, BC Wood provides marketing programs to registered value-added manufacturers, which includes cost-shared participation in international tradeshows and events, out-going and incoming trade missions, lead generation, and networking opportunities. In addition, BC Wood members have access to an extensive resource library, both on-line and in our office.

BC Wood’s mandate is to assist BC’s secondary wood product manufacturers to grow faster by helping them access and exploit markets they would not otherwise enter. By diversifying the members’ market activities, the dollar value of BC fibre is maximized while the business risk is minimized.

Bear’s Blooms

Bear’s Blooms is a local flower delivery company in Vancouver, B.C. We deliver a weekly bouquet of fresh, locally grown flowers straight to your door. You choose the frequency of your delivery and manage your calendar to let us know when you’d like to receive fresh flowers. We’ll take care of the rest! 95% of our flowers come from local B.C. farmers, even in the middle of winter. We love BC and all of the plants that grow here. We buy in season and exactly to order, meaning less waste and lower costs, at only $30 per box! All of our boxes are made from 60% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. Leave your box out for us on your next scheduled delivery day and we’ll reuse it! Bear’s Blooms will provide you with that fresh-from-the-garden feel, even on your busiest days.

Becki Chan Design

Becki Chan creates handmade jewellery and art objects from her studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Given Becki’s educational background in sculpture and architecture, she finds beauty and inspiration in structure and geometry. Each piece is developed out of Becki’s sculptural work and is defined by a stripped-down vocabulary of form. Cast in silver, elementary lines and simplified shapes combine and repeat, with slight variations and irregularities.

Ben Barber Studio

Object designer Ben Barber explores the character of shapes and the emotional resonance in colour. Disengaging with the rhetoric of “west coast modernism” he challenges conventional and established design archetypes you have come to expect. The dynamic way in which Ben approaches work in steel, glass, fabric, and wood are then pushed through a filter of colour, in which complex structures are made to feel simple.

The studio uses manufacturing and industrial processes throughout the local Vancouver area. Creating a line of furniture ready for home and to small scale commercial clients. All products are built with the highest level of quality and custom finishing options.

Benjamin Moore

More than a century of commitment to producing superior products and unrivaled colors has its rewards: Benjamin Moore is the number one choice of interior designers. People who choose the products know they’ll get the inspiration and support to make their vision reality. They depend on our extraordinary colors and product performance. Their trust defines Benjamin Moore.

BFJ Design

BFJ Design Vancouver supplies custom kitchens, luxury kitchens, vanities, closets, handmade hardwood and faucets. Working closely with architects, interior designers and customers to provide the highest quality products tailored to fit each space.


BLANCO has elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and accessories for over 90 years. BLANCO is recognized worldwide for design leadership, quality craftsmanship and their patented SILGRANIT® sink material. SILGRANIT® is Canada’s leading coloured sink choice and is known for its continued legacy in beauty, strength and durability. SILGRANIT® sinks are proudly manufactured in Canada and are available in a wide range of colours – including their latest addition, Concrete Gray. Concrete Gray embraces the raw beauty of natural concrete to create the perfect shade that coordinates easily with the latest countertop and cabinet materials.

Blum Canada Limited

Blum Canada Limited is a subsidiary of the family-owned company Julius Blum GmbH, of Hoechst, Austria – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of functional furniture fittings. Established in 1978 – our Mississauga, Ontario based location is part of a global distribution network that serves the unique requirements of over 100 countries. Since our inception, we have supplied and supported the distribution of hinges, drawer & runner systems, lift systems, and tools which aid in their assembly.

Bryce Barry

Outdoor photography with minimal, clean aesthetics. Specializing in hand mounting archival prints to wood while maintaining a raw natural appeal. Focused on bringing the outdoor, in.

ByNature Design

ByNature took root in Vancouver in 2012 with the belief that plants have a great benefits on our lives and that our inside spaces needed to be healthier. Our mission is to connect people with nature by improving how they live inside and make their lives more enjoyable. This is why we created a unique green product line to liven up and brighten up our indoors and days. We aspire to bring nature into everyone’s lives by creating an experience for all.


C&C Wood Products

C&C Wood Products in Quesnel BC was established in 1975 to manufacture tight knot pine and cedar thin planking.  The wood products industry has matured to the point that most of the raw material is already dedicated to existing commodity markets.  Innovation continues to be our growth opportunity, due to the consolidation of timber into a few major producers’ hands. Our formula adds value and keeps us market competitive. C&C embraces this culture throughout the operations. The three mills in the group are well positioned to extract the maximum value and use of timber from the forest.  The concept of keeping waste to a minimum is our constant target.  In addition, we utilize small logs not suitable for productions of dimensional lumber, which consist of salvaged logs from beetle kill pine or forest fires. The next generation of wood products offered by C&C includes engineered Multi Laminated Timber and Edge Glued Sidings and Trim.

This focus on utilizing all aspects of the available timber supply to manufacturing high value, end-use products will continue to drive the company in the future.


Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was the pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. Its dominant position has been achieved through continuous investment and innovation, extensive research and development, highly trained personnel and an advanced market infrastructure. For more than a decade, Caesarstone has set new standards in innovation and craftsmanship and continues to set the trends in the industry.

Caesarstone has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Whether it’s developing new technologies and production processes to create breakthrough designs, or working with the world’s leading designers to generate new concepts, Caesarstone has a passion for innovation that is unmatched in their field. They have created different textures, different finishes and radical new designs.

World-renowned designers and architects choose to partner with Caesarstone to set new design trends. While their collaborations have garnered many design awards, they have a much more important function. Design collaborations push Caesarstone to push boundaries. Caesarstone seeks to innovate. Their ambition is to consistently set new standards for interiors – to pioneer new styles, new collections and new textures that give the customers the latest, most cutting edge designs.

Calen Knauf

Calen Knauf is a Canadian designer living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Calen studied Industrial Design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Shortly after graduating, Calen won best student lighting for his thesis project Standard Lamp at Design Plus 2014 in Cologne, Germany. He has collaborated with companies including Tre Products, Tetra, Stussy and more. His work has been featured in many international publications, including Wallpaper, Frame, and Intramuros.

Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware

Cantu was born in 1978, conceived from a need for unique high design and quality plumbing and hardware that couldn’t be found in North America. Not willing to lower our expectations, pursued their goal and found the answer in Europe. After absorbing the emerging influences, Cantu started importing our own selection of designs and made British Columbia part of the movement. Since then, Cantu have grown to become the standard for innovation and quality across western Canada.  Decades of experience provide an inside knowledge to understand different markets, trends and designs to find that unique piece you have been dreaming about.

Capital Tile + Stone

Capital Tile + Stone is a tile supply company based out of Surrey, British Columbia. For the past 25 years, our reputation has been established on abundant stock while offering incredible prices, products and services. We specialize in luxury homes and multi-family residential projects while supplying the newest trends of Porcelain, Ceramic and Marble.


cardamom is a concept store that features a curated selection of gifts + lifestyle goods focused on aesthetic, quality, and design. All of the brands that we represent are run by skilled artists and designers who are mindful about ethical production and quality.

cardamom’s aim is to bridge the disconnect between the things we buy and where they come from. Sharing the narratives behind each artist and piece is central to what we do.

Find us in THE DISTRICT!

Casa Llena Furniture

Casa llena furniture is a Vancouver based home furnishing retail store that provides quality, modern and tasteful home furnishings. Established in 2017, the selections focus on modern-italian style inspired furniture. Casa llena offer a wide selection of in-stock inventory as well as a menu for highly customizable options from fabric, finishing to sizing. Workingk hard to maintain the highest level of quality control from our dedicated suppliers to ensure each piece of furniture is created to meet top craftsmanship and quality.


Casestudy Studio is an interior design practice based in Vancouver, Canada. We design spaces for brands looking to create innovative, immersive experiences for their clients.

We approach each project with a customer-centric perspective, ensuring our spatial design respects and elevates the brand experience.

Centura Tile

Since its foundation over 80 years ago, Centura Tile has maintained a clear, guiding mission: to provide clients the very best in wall and floor coverings. Centura Tile’s dedication to this mission is evident in wide selection of innovative products, each carefully selected and curated to meet exceptionally high standards.

CF Interiors

CF Interiors prides itself in providing industry leading customer service to our existing and rapidly expanding loyal clientele. With four locations in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Calgary, CF Interiors has been providing Western Canada with leading interior design selections from modern, classic and transitional furnishings and accessories to suit any aesthetic. With offering a curated range of selection for the customer, CF Interiors has become North Vancouver, Vancouver, and Calgary’s premiere furniture store destination.  CF Interiors, formerly known as Country Furniture has been a family owned and operated business since 1979.



Situated in Vancouver’s historic Railtown District, Nathan has polished out a facility dedicated to the exploration and experimentation between art and design.

Our industry-leading toolset includes a 51″ flatbed sander, 3 and 5 axis CNC, two digital Altendorf table saws, and a custom-built kiln.

Our materials are selected and sourced from all over the pacific northwest.

We carry a quality catalog of live edge slabs; we stock Maple, Walnut, Douglas Fir, Catalpa, and other exotic and local reclaimed up-cycled materials. We also carry a wide range of reclaimed fir timbers sourced from the lower mainland.

Chloé Rutzerveld

Chloé Rutzerveld is a critical food designer who explores and challenges food production and consumption. She is fascinated by nature, the human body and the strange relationship people have with food. After she graduated Cum Laude from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2014, she started her own studio as Food and Concept Designer.

Her work is interdisciplinary and a direct response to the things she questions or is fascinated about. By combining aspects of design, science and technology she thinks up new ways to make our food more efficient, healthy and sustainable.


ChopValue Manufacturing Ltd provides product and design solutions with an innovative, high-performance material that is made entirely from recycled chopsticks.

With more than 100,000 bamboo chopsticks being thrown away in Vancouver alone, the idea to give them a second life was born. Since September 2016, ChopValue is engineering beautiful materials and products – built to last. The team of young professionals strives to educate the waste to resource model within the circular economy.

Claterpult Woodworks

Claterpult Woodworks is a small operation in historic Fort Langley, BC. At Claterpult, we design and build high-quality hand-crafted furniture using responsibly sourced west coast species and reclaimed timber. The places you work and live are the backdrop for our designs. Through the process of consultation and design, a one of a kind piece emerges.

Concorde Distributing

Concorde Distributing is situated in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Established in Abbotsford, B.C. in 1996, our business has grown to become one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of high-quality hearth & barbecue products.


Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture. It works together with its clients and partners to provide with solutions that offer design and value, and inspire the life of many people. This objective is possible thanks to pioneering and leading brands in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton® or Sensa by Cosentino®. Technologically advanced surfaces that allow the creation of unique environments and designs for the home and public spaces.

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors

From modest beginnings in the early 2000’s, CRAFT have grown and evolved into craft artisan wood floors, a brand encompassing a diverse family of flooring collections that range from rustic to chic. Their evolution into what is now recognized as one of the finest offerings of superior quality floors available was only made possible by the dedicated team of professionals that has come together over the past decade and a half.


CVK is a design company involved with residential and commercial interior design in Calgary, Alberta. ​CVK maximizes the potential of functionality and flow of your space and helps to awaken your style ensuing comfort whether in a contemporary or traditional setting. With services ranging from colour consults and space planning to full renovations, CVK has gained clients from Calgary, Kelowna, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Solana Beach CA​.



50 years and three generations of creating innovations that truly matter to your cooking experience. We’re dedicated to designing and developing products that focus on performance, without sacrificing beauty or dependability. If you’re as passionate about cooking as we are, you’ll discover our products add that one missing ingredient for the perfect kitchen.

Daizen Joinery

Daizen Joinery is a timber framing company based in the BC Interior that balances precision technology and superior craftsmanship to deliver the finest quality timber frame construction. Our advanced systems are efficient and accurate and, for more detailed projects, our skilled woodworkers add unique details and special timber joinery by hand.


dconstruct designs and manufactures unique, eco-friendly jewelry right here in Canada. Every piece is made of recycled resin.

Our work is inspired by nature and minimalist design. dconstruct’s jewelry is handmade from leading architectural materials. Each piece contains a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled material. The recycled content would otherwise be waste from producers of skylights, store fixtures, and vending machine covers.

Our organics and textiles are sourced from artisan communities in developing countries around the world.


Our studio focuses on the subject of innovative design with computational design and digital fabrication for the manufacturing process.

We take projects ranging from small object to architectural scale where it provides people with affluence stories and unique experiments. We draw our interest and inspiration from architectural morphology through the iterative design process. Two types of product, coffee table and side table will be presented at IDS.

Dina Gonzalez Mascaró

Dina González Mascaró lives and works in Vancouver. Trained as a sculptor in her native Argentina, DGM is an artist and designer.
This year for IDS she is showing an installation of ceramics, photography and sculpture. The installation is a synthesis of her last few years work in different mediums.

González Mascaró is also known for her jewellery design work which is now shown as Monument.love.

Distinct Interiors

Since 1992, Distinct Interiors has been a leader in decorative treatments; specializing in fireplace mantles and surrounds, walls, ceilings and specialty areas such as back splashes.  Re-thinking concrete.  Handcrafted, ultra-thin concrete overlays that mimic a diverse range of concrete architectural styles. Ideal for Architects, Builders & Designers.  Distinct Interiors  are all about concrete, without being concrete.

Div. 12

Div. 12 (Division 12) refers to the Master Format code for ‘Furnishings‘, found in the architectural specifications for commercial construction drawings.

We are an independent manufacturer of contemporary hospitality furnishings, located in Alberta, Canada.  We manufacture our entire collection in our own production facility – with a steadfast commitment to design, quality and service.

Our specialty is custom steel manufacturing, including: Cafe Chairs, Restaurant Armchairs, Bar Stools, and Table Bases.

We will work with you to custom design & manufacture furnishings- in any RAL color or COM fabric – to deliver the unique solution for your project.

Divine Flooring

Divine Flooring is an awarding winning service provider in the supply and installation of superior quality flooring. Showcasing mid to high-end flooring and accessories in professionally designed, elegant showrooms, paired with exceptional services. Divine Flooring’s premium floors are consistently recognized by designers and discerning home owners for their beauty and durability.

Dms – Design

DMS-Design was created out of the founder’s love of working with wood. The brand offers customized, affordable design furniture and home accessories.

Dobbin Sales Ltd.

Since 1978, Dobbin Sales Ltd. has been supplying quality commercial products to the Canadian plumbing industry. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, designer or wholesaler, Dobbin Sales has the right products for your project.

Donna Giraud

Donna Giraud is a contemporary abstract artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Self taught, her large scale, abstract acrylic paintings emerge entirely from her emotions. She defies the historic rules of art. Her unique and recognizable use of heavy texture and composition evokes conversation and challenges the viewer to go on a visual journey.

Duende Curation

Duende Curation is the creative culmination of interior designers and lifelong best friends, Rachel Harrison and Jennifer Scott. After nearly a decade of applying their eye for the beautiful to interior spaces, the duo recognized the need for a boutique-style niche platform for purchasing art. Their vision is to define a place where an entire home can be curated with meaningful art of mixed mediums, created by a variety of artists, while establishing a cohesive relationship between the pieces.

“We have collaborated with a small group of inspiring artists, both fine artists and photographers, to present a select set of limited edition prints all offered within a universal pricing platform. Our gathering of artists and chosen works are featured for a term of six months, after which time a new season of art and artists is showcased; by rotating our offerings after each term, we are able to continuously bring fresh content and talent to our community. We mingle impactful art with the public, allowing the everyday collector to build their gallery based on a connection with each piece.” – Rachel & Jenn

Dynasty Fireplaces

Dynasty Fireplaces is a professional fireplace supplier specializing in the design and manufacturing of fine, natural stone mantels and modern electric fireplaces. First opened in 2007 in Richmond, British Columbia as a family business, the company first operated out of a small warehouse with limited showroom space. Within a few years, Dynasty Fireplaces has expanded, now with a fully furnished showroom displaying all our latest products.


East Van Light

East Van Light builds vintage industrial lamps with engaging modern designs. Combining locally sourced premium hardwoods, high quality hardware, and antique reproduction Edison light bulbs, each lamp delivers warm ambient light and a refined old world aesthetic that inspires the work, repose, curiosity and conversation of those around it.  East Van Light strives to design lamps that are subtle in support of the spaces they inhabit, while simultaneously engaging the audience that surrounds them.

Eleven Stories Inc.

Eleven Stories was born in 2016 out of the friendship between a Canadian architect and an Italian designer. Eleven Stories creates high-end furniture to complement West Coast modern architecture.

Emma Aurelia

Emma Aurelia is a Toronto based textile and sound artist.

Currently an Artist in Resident at Harbourfront Centre, she studied at OCAD University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art with a specialization in textile.

Endeavour Neon

Endeavour Neon is owned and operated by Andrew Hibbs a Neon bender, from Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew grew up learning and perfecting this trade from his father, who used to bend neon out of the shop in his back yard. Neon bending is such a unique process and you don’t see too many people making neon anymore, so he knew he needed to keep this dying art alive as it is such a passion of his, and thus Endeavour Neon was created. Where custom neon art of all shapes, sizes, and colors, are available.

Epic Art Decor

A multi-faceted brand offering quality home décor products.Wholesaler/Manufacturer of Framed Art offering Framed Art, Custom Mirrors, Hand-Painted Acrylic and more.

For over 20 Years, Epic Art Decor has been helping their clients find the right piece of artwork to complete their design vision. With years of experience, industry contacts, and extensive showroom of ready-to-go canvasses and prints, it’s no wonder that their customers keep coming back.



EQ3 Designs produces and sells affordable, modern furniture for every room in your home. As a Winnipeg-based company, EQ3 was established in 2001 under the direction of President and CEO Peter Tielmann. Having grown up in Europe, Peter recognized the lack of modern furniture in North America. Today, EQ3 is a vertically integrated company specializing in modern design for everyday life with simple, clean and functional design. Customize with fabric or leather, finishes, and legs for a style all your own.

Euro-Line Appliances

Euro-Line Appliances has brought elite European engineered appliances to Canadian homes for over 25 years. Euro-line brands exceed expectations and have earned awards in design, engineering, performance, and energy efficiency. Ensuring all products surpass ENERGY STAR® ratings and are RoHS compliant (Reduction of certain Hazardous Substances). All cooking, refrigeration, dishwashers, and laundry appliances are created to conserve non-renewable resources. Consuming minimal amounts of water and energy while producing superior cooking and cleaning results. Euro-Line Appliances are proud distributors of products from AEG, Liebherr, Gorenje and Porter & Charles in Canada, SMEG in Ontario, Quebec and the East Coast, and Franke in Ontario.

Europlex International

Europlex International, located in Delta, British Columbia, is the largest importer and distributor of quality European hardwood and cork flooring products in Western Canada. We carry a wide variety of hardwood flooring that caters to every taste. Europlex International supplies cork flooring and hardwood flooring to first-class retailers throughout North America. We pride ourselves and uphold our reputation in sourcing and supplying hard to find items, any species, grade, color, we will have it custom ordered for you.


Fernando Laposse

Totomoxtle is a new material that harnesses the brilliant spectrum of colours seen in the husks of heirloom corn. Ranging from deep purples to soft creams, Totomoxtle showcases the range of species of native corn that exist in Mexico. The husks are flattened and glued by hand onto fiberboard and card for reinforcement, and can then be used in various applications for interiors and furniture.

But this project goes far beyond simply aesthetics. Totomoxtle focuses on regenerating traditional agricultural practices in Mexico and creating a new craft that generates income for impoverished farmers while conserving biodiversity for future food security.

Fernweh Woodworking

The best businesses are also passions, and this principle is evident in every piece of furniture produced by Fernweh Woodworking, an award-winning furniture design and woodworking studio located in Bend, Oregon. Fernweh, a German word meaning “to be homesick for somewhere you’ve never been”, was founded by self-taught Designer / Woodworker Justin Nelson in 2015. Nelson is a student turned enthusiast, then turned craftsman, who finds immense pleasure in producing modern design small batch furniture and woodwork for home décor that are reminiscent of classic Danish design, but with a fresh modern feel, using techniques that have been employed for centuries. Each piece produced through his woodworking studio has been patiently hand-shaped and crafted to the highest standards.


Furniture first.
Heart & hand in every piece.

Meet ffabb – hand-made, high-quality furniture created by those who know it best – designers & makers.

Fluff Designs

Contemporary furniture, art & accessories for rent or purchase. Property styling, furniture rental & home staging.

Formica Canada Inc.

Formica Canada Inc. is a leader in the design and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications. The Formica® Brand reputation has been founded on quality, service and innovative product lines. We have developed unrivaled expertise that ensures products meet the needs of their applications, as well as market demands. We are strategically positioned to offer new products and surfacing solutions that complement current design trends.


FORTIS began in 1954 as a small artisan company with roots in Pogno, Italy, the home of Milan and the heart of the Italian design tradition.

FORTIS is 100% crafted in Italy, the inspiration for the full range of products from the high fashion elegance of the Brera Collection to the traditional styling of the Caffe Collection. Each piece references the heritage and craftsmanship unique to the FORTIS family and the Italian tradition.


AMBIENT design collections are showcased in a showroom in Vancouver’s Armoury District, a cultural destination for design, furniture, art, and architecture. They offer the latest collection of modern kitchens and bathrooms, contemporary closets, sliding doors and interior decor. They feature contemporary designs and minimal aesthetics. Creating personalized environments that mould architectural form, unique materials and technological solutions with the utmost attention to detail.

FUFEL Designer

The Story of Fufel Designer started in 1973, when the current CEO, Mahmoud Moghadam founded an architecture office with a firm focus on the design and manufacture of luxury handcrafted furniture in Tehran.

Later in 1984, Fufel Designer expanded its production range to a wide selection of interior design products, including cabinets, curtains and home accessories, and opened its first 500 square meter gallery in Mashhad

Today’s era of Fufel Designer started by joining Mani Moghaddam in 1999 who established collaboration with leading international home-interior luxury finishing, high-end construction materials, and prestigious furniture brands.

Future Living

Future Living is a full service construction, building and interior design firm that specializes in residential and commercial project management and construction for both urban homeowners and business. Licensed builder offering 2-5-10 warranties on our finished products.

Gallery Jones

Gallery Jones exhibits Canadian and international artists in multiple mediums such as painting, photography and sculpture. We provide art consultation on private, corporate and public art projects.

The Gallery is located at #1-258 East 1st Avenue in Vancouver. Known as “The Flats,” our neighbourhood is home to over a dozen visual art venues and is the new home of Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


Germanhaus is an award-winning design studio located in Vancouver, Canada. The showroom features Leicht Kitchens, Huelsta Furniture, Gaggenau Appliances, Karice Lighting, Burmester Audio, Julien, Caesarstone, and Laminam surfaces. Our vision is to transform the way Canadians live using the finest German products with the most environmentally conscious and safe manufacturing processes.

LEICHT Kitchens offer world-class interior design, German practicality, reliability and affordability for the ever-thriving Vancouver housing market. Our luxury showroom in the heart of Vancouver’s design district, on W 2nd Avenue, reflects the ideas, innovations and experience of our brand and our team.
Our newest addition to the Germanhaus family is another award-winning brand of Huelsta. A furniture brand that blends elegant glass design with woods and other natural materials. All made in Germany to the highest manufacturing standard.

We collaborate with architectural firms and individuals looking to improve their home. Our effectiveness is the ability to combine creative design with functional solutions that will surpass the expectations of our clients for years to come. With 45 combined years of kitchen design, construction, luxury sales and renovation expertise, our team will support and guide you throughout the entire process of a kitchen buying experience and beyond.


GoldenHome began manufacturing high quality kitchen and bath cabinetry since 1999 and now has more than 2000 franchise stores and dealerships across the world. In 2018, GoldenHome Vancouver distribution was founded in Richmond BC. We supply high quality modern cabinets to developers and dealers.

Grace Bulmer

Industrial Design, for me, lies in understanding the meaningful contributions to our environments that designers make manifest through the tangible experience. This may come in the form of a clever understanding and manipulation of a material’s unique properties, a knowledge of how our designs can positively respond to the unique constraints of an ever-changing world, or perhaps, a narrative that comes along with an object that could prompt a more thoughtful experience beyond that of just use. In any case, industrial design is a thoughtful engagement with the built environment through the use of materials, production methods, understanding of context and the responsibility that comes along with the making of anything.

GRASS Canada

As development partner and systems supplier to the furniture industry, GRASS has been creating products which inspire its customers for more than 65 years. GRASS slide and drawer systems, hinge, flap and corner cabinet systems are brandname products that move the furniture of prestigious brands.

GRAY Magazine

GRAY is uniquely positioned to offer a different take on the industry from its vantage point in the Pacific Northwest—an extraordinary locale that is both a hotbed of innovation and an enduring proponent of the arts and crafts movement. Their award-winning, perceptive storytelling focuses on process, craftsmanship, and ingenuity, and serves to inform and engage its audience about the international design landscape and contextualize its influence on contemporary culture.

Founded in 2011, GRAY MEDIA, LLC (GRAY) is a privately-held, independently-owned media company headquartered in Seattle, USA. Comprised of diverse media and entertainment properties, GRAY’s total brand reach exceeds 25 million. GRAY publishes the bimonthly GRAY magazine in print and digital, offers daily digital content on graymag.com and mounts signature events including its annual GRAY Awards (grayawards.com) and Hot New Next design competitions. GRAY magazine can be found on newsstands across the US and Canada.


Greenstems is focused on custom installation work including greenwalls, wedding and event florals and corporate standing orders.

The company has been creating indoor living walls since it began in Vancouver, BC.  Heather March continues to merge her experience and expertise with Landscape Design and applies those same design principles within her greenwalls and living art pieces.  The result is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship of plant material and the space in which it stands,  working together creating that perfect composition.

Gryphon Development

Gryphon Development harnesses the creative potential of a wide spectrum of artists to create new living art forms. We strive to support visionary artists committed to shaping the future of living, both locally and globally.

At Gryphon Development, art is at the core of everything we do. It challenges our expectations and reflects the way we see the world.It makes a significant impact on the way we shape community and inspires the way we craft our homes.

Art Lives Here.


Handy Appliances

Handy Appliances offers huge selections on brand new appliances, service & repair, parts, and installation all under one roof.

Harris Flooring Group

Harris Flooring Group offers a collection of three high-quality flooring brands which provide an innovative and stylish selection of Engineered Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Laminate and Carpet Tile Flooring for your home or business. The Harris Flooring Group is committed to providing beautiful home décor solutions with the highest level of service. With over 200 years of flooring experience, you can choose a Harris Flooring Group brand with confidence.


Hew is a furniture and small wares company focused on creating handmade, quality pieces to last through the ebb and flows of trends and daily use.

House of Rohl

The Story Craft Tells

We believe distinctive stories are what make life exceptional. At the House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honored craft that opens the door to stories unlike any other. Stories of place and provenance. Stories of dedication and passion. Stories of artistry and heritage. And the closer you look, the more you’ll see, the details of your own story of a life well crafted.


ICO Bath

ICO is North America’s leading manufacturer of luxury towel warmers, bathroom accessories, vessel sinks and infloor heating systems. From the beginning, we’ve been committed to developing and manufacturing products of the highest quality, while making luxury affordable for our customers across North America.

When you purchase a product from ICO, you get access to affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs, quality craftsmanship, plus many other benefits. Every day the ICO team strives to fulfill our company mission – Enriching lives through comfort, luxury and design.

Visit the ICO Booth (#1415) near The District to get a first-hand look at all of our items, including the recently released brushed gold and polished nickel bathroom accessories from Volcano!

Inform Interiors

Inform Interiors founder Niels Bendtsen opened his first retail store — Danet Interiors — in West Vancouver at Park Royal. The store focused on well–designed and well–crafted Danish modern furniture from companies like Fritz Hansen, which the store represents to this day. After seven years in West Vancouver, the store moved to 97 Water Street in Vancouver’s vibrant Gastown neighborhood where it has stood ever since. Inform has continued to grow through seeking out and delivering the best products that the world has to offer at the best possible prices coupled with unparalleled service.

Irina Flore

Irina is a Product Designer working and living in her studio in Portland Oregon. She graduated from Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg France obtaining a B.A. and M.A. in Design and Fine Arts; Before this she graduated  from West University of Timișoara, obtaining a B.A. in Communication back from her home country, Romania. 

She has experience in designing high quality products, working with different technologies and technics, while collaborating with workshops, manufacturers, and companies.

Fascinated by her surroundings and inspired by nature, she works in constant research on patterns, textures, and shapes, focusing on the importance of designing objects that preserve the human connection with the environment. 

Isadora Rowe

Fine Vintage Fabrics + Retro Goods & Appurtenances


J & M Home

We want people to cherish time spent at home – and that begins with creating pleasing & functional spaces for dining, relaxing and working. We provide modern furniture and decor essentials that work for everyone, for a more beautiful & comfortable home.

We’ve made it our mission to not only offer our appealing line of effortlessly chic & practical mid-century modern-inspired furniture, but also to inspire a community around curating and creating a comfortable home. We have launched our furniture line for the Canadian market and beyond, delivering exceptional products that deliver the beauty of Nordic design to you and your family.

J&S Custom Furniture Co.

J&S Furniture Company builds Custom Furniture and Millwork to spec. Our team uses reclaimed wood and quality hardwoods to craft our solid wood products. Everything is handmade in our Vancouver studio from start to finish. We work with Residential and Commercial clients on small and large scale projects. J&S also works with a number of local designers, contractors and architects in metro Vancouver.

Jasmine Cadenhead

Mimicking waving waves or marbled topography, artist Jasmine Cadenhead works with resin to create textured, glossy canvases.

Inspired by landscapes (sea and land), the artist uses a locally-sourced, plant-based resin to create her scenes. In addition to her personal art practice, Cadenhead is also an art therapist with a focus on trauma therapy, and has worked with leaders in the field such as Deepak Chopra as well as leads retreats and workshops in the field.

Jeff Martin Joinery

Jeff Martin is a contemporary furniture designer based out of Vancouver, Canada. His small studio serves as an exploratory research/design lab and manufacturing facility.

Best known for their design systems Shaker, Painted, Neolith, and Excavated. The studio at Jeff Martin Joinery analyzes the intrinsic nature of elemental materials, and responds to the material characteristics in obscure and invented methods. The Vancouver based studio has been in operation since 2012.

Not exclusively craft, nor art, nor design the practice is best understood as a hyper-focused meditation on all of these, without defining itself in any of them.

Jody Bruce Art

Jody Bruce’s recognition has grown locally and internationally. Her inspirations come from direct contact with her family and the world around her. The use of bold colours and flowing brush strokes echo the dynamic sounds and movement of my immediate environment: the wind in the trees, water over rocks, the laughter and buoyancy of Jody’s young daughter. Jody is an award-winning “Best of Show Flat Work” in 2014, Artist Studio Western Showcase at the Calgary Stampede.


Johanna Schmeer

Johanna Schmeer is a  designer, artist, and researcher based in London and Berlin. Her inquiry-based work explores the intersections of design, art, science, technology, and futures. Working with designed objects and experiences, film, and installation, her projects ask questions and prototype ideas related to technologically augmented ecologies, industrial flows of matter, and the reframing of the human within its interspecies, geospatial, and technosocial entanglements.

Julia Schwarz

Lichen, a mossy fungus could be used to make nutritional food products after an apocalypse, or on Mars, according to research by designer Julia Schwarz.

In her project Unseen Edible, Julia has developed a range of food products made from lichen, a hardy fungus-like species that grows on plants, tree bark and rocks. Lichens could offer a source of nutrition in a potential future food shortage, as they are easy to grow, even in harsh climates and environments.



At Kartners, they are committed to excellence and committed to providing you with the highest quality brass constructed modern bathroom accessories which deliver beauty, reliability and endurance for years to come. Showcase your bathroom with finely crafted accessories. Kartners bathroom accessories give not only a sense of luxury to your home but also bring BLING to your bathroom.

Kathleen Tennock Ceramic Studio

Kathleen Tennock works primarily in clay, using primitive methods of firing like sawdust and Naked Raku. Without using glaze, she can maintain the tactile quality of the clay, something that is very important to her, because she wants her work to invite touch as much as it is visually pleasing. The raw texture of the clay and spontaneous markings created by the smoke firing during the Naked Raku process give her work a natural and almost stone-like quality.

Kermodi Living Art

Kermodi Living Art specializes in modern minimalist indoor and outdoor potted plants that provide high design with low maintenance.  Kermodi also offers consultation services in case you are looking for something specific for your home.  Check out their showroom at Parliament Interiors in Downtown Vancouver for their ever-changing assortment of living art.


Honest and exuberant, the Kim Crawford range is our flagship. The finest grapes create individual wines.

Komandor Vancouver

Located in more than 40 countries, including Canada, Germany, Poland, and France, Komandor Vancouver continues a heritage that started more than 25 years ago. Servicing both the residential and commercial market segments, Komandor’s products (sliding doors, closets, custom cabinets, office partitions) are known for their quality construction and modern style.  Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing the best service, quality and price to you, our trusted partners.


KONZUK aspires to create jewelry that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory. The collections are inspired by designer Karen Konzuk’s personal observations of architecture and sculpture; notably the work of Donald Judd and Richard Serra. Minimal form, unique surface texture, and unorthodox materials each define the modernist aesthetic of KONZUK jewelry.

Kurva Design

The British born lighting designer, Mike Randall, has a west coast minimalist style. He creates unique pieces that are influenced by his love of clean lines and curved forms.

Mike is a graduate of the Fine Furniture Program at Camosun College (2011) and founded Kurva Design in the fall of 2012. Kurva is a Swedish word meaning bend or arc. The name Kurva Design reflects Mike’s love of both curved design and the Swedish country style of simple, clean, modern lines.


Laila Snevele

Our mind creates taste expectations before food reaches the mouth. With this finding, Laila Snevele imagines taste could be created mostly (if not entirely) in our minds with the right tools.

Combining empathy with material, color and overall feeling of a taste, she creates five taste visual digitalizations called “Digital Seasoning.” The project’s application potential could have a great impact on the food industry by employing Digital Seasoning to reduce the amounts of salt, MSG, sugar, and citric acid levels in processed foods, therefore enabling a healthier eating behavior with less harmful ingredients.


We make geometric contemporary jewelry, combining traditional goldsmithing and 3d design. We love thoughtful shapes, angular lines, and lovely semi-precious gemstones. It is about evolution; it’s about passion, it’s about beautiful materials and beautiful design. We use ethically sourced sterling silver, gold-fill, beautifully hand-cut gemstones, and top quality brass. We also 3d print with steel! It’s pretty cool – stop by and ask us more about our process.
– – –
We will be setting gemstones on site, you will be able to create a custom ring stack or earrings, on the spot!
Find us in THE DISTRICT.

LaSalle College Vancouver

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) is a boutique creative career school offering an array of exciting applied arts programs in the fields of Interior Design, Fashion, Game Design & VFX, Audio & Film, Culinary Arts, and Graphic Design. With over 35 different programs to offer and with credentials ranging from bachelor’s degrees to certificates, LCV is the perfect place to let creativity run wild.

LCV, accredited by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia, has been crowned one of the top 10 undergraduate schools for video game design by the Princeton Review for the past 8 years, and one of the top 50 fashion schools by Fashionista.com. LCV takes pride in its direct links with the workplace and educational network in Canada and around the world. LCV offers diverse opportunities and support for students to be exposed to industry and build their skills necessary for success.

Leah K.S. Amick

Leah K.S. Amick is a furniture and product designer based in Portland, Oregon where she focuses on fabricating and marketing her designs. She grew up in rural Indiana and spent her childhood summers in Finland. Leah’s multicultural upbringing has inspired practical objects with a pure and understated aesthetic, where form and function elegantly coincide. Utilizing visual and tactile elements, her most recent pieces provoke curiosity and stimulate a sense of awareness in an object while retaining its functionality.

Leisure Center

A Brave New World beyond luxury retail. Leisure Center is a boundary-pushing physical platform in Yaletown Vancouver, offering a modern-day definition of leisure time, focusing on the following areas: fashion, art, music, print, homeware, cosmetics, food and drink housed in a sleek sanctuary.

Inspired by Vancouver’s forward-thinking, innovative reputation – and the hardworking yet balance-seeking individuals who make it up – Leisure Center combines luxury and leisure in a beautifully designed environment that strives to elevate the city’s cultural identity. Bringing together the best brands, artists, architects and luxury concepts, Leisure Center offers experience and proposes a modern redefinition of leisure time. Put simply, “life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.”

Linda Klippenstein Art

Linda Nikkel Klippenstein grew up in Steinbach Manitoba. She had a happy, and happily uneventful childhood, growing up in a family where honesty, generosity and wit were valued. She took these values to heart as she grew older, winning her many loyal friends. The home Linda grew up in was often filled with guests and laughter, also something that has impacted Linda’s adult life. After attending college in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Linda and her husband chose to relocate to Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their home is always on the verge of chaos, but with intent. Dale, Linda’s husband, is a professional photographer, and their two daughters are talented and budding artists. The creative energy is palpable.

LIV Interiors

LIV Interiors, an award-winning design studio, first set out in 2012 with a strong focus on Interior Design. Since their inception, they have incorporated all aspects of design into their practice, including branding, animation, illustration and CG artistry to name a few, all while growing their original core expertise in Interior Design.

Live Timber

Trees were put on this earth for a purpose, to cleanse the air that we breathe each day. UrbanValleyTimberworks works to give fallen trees purpose as well. Whether it be of natural causes or urban development, we collect already fallen timber and create beautiful works of art that can be used in everyday life; Giving them a purpose in their after-life state.
We specialize in custom slabs, no two pieces are the same, making your table or bar top one-of-a-kind. If you wish to create a project of your own, but do not have the means to obtain or cut a tree or slab, we also sell pre-cut slabs for your choosing.


Established in 1988,  Livingspace is Canada’s leading resource for European modern kitchens, closets, furniture, lighting and accessories.

Lock & Mortice

Lock & Mortice is Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary studio and furniture manufacturer. We design, engineer and create beautiful solid wood pieces for residences and commercial spaces. What is most important to us is creating honest and subtle furniture that serves its purpose without drama. By refining the details, we are back to what is essential, crafting timeless pieces that age with grace.

London Fields Shoppe

London Fields Shoppe is a curated collection of our favourite quality homewares, paper goods, and stationery that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With an emphasis on locally handmade, London Fields Shoppe is a haven for anyone looking to add a little surprise and delight to their life and home!


Find us in The District.

Lori Bagnérès

Lori Bagnérès, a visual artist born in Ontario, and living in North Vancouver, completed her MFA in contemporary art from L’école Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble in 1993. She currently pursues multiple creative interests as an artist/educator in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and shows her work in public and private galleries in B.C. and Ontario. Her paintings are held in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia.

Lori Popadiuk

Lori Popadiuk spent her childhood in Vancouver trolling the alleys with her Granddad looking for cast-off materials to make cool things with. Her creative path began at this early age and eventually led her to study fine art and interior design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. By uniting the two crafts she gained wide recognition within the design world, mainly for her body of work Birch.

Low Poly Crafts

Low Poly Crafts makes DIY puzzles of animal heads, magical creatures and things from and out of this world.
Often compared to the therapeutic colouring books, we hope that Low Poly Crafts not only inspires but encourages people to create!


Lumon is a pioneer in the design, manufacture and installation of comfortable and luxurious outdoor rooms. Creating flexible, protected spaces with innovative system of retractable glass walls, ceilings and balcony railings. With over 35 years of experience in helping homeowners, architects, developers, property managers, and business owners conceive and implement innovative and beautiful solutions to extend the outdoor season. In that time, Lumon has served hundreds of thousands of customers from our headquarters in Finland and through Lumon partners and subsidiaries around the globe.

Luxury Interior – Velum Stretch Ceiling&Lighting System

Vancouver’s first Interior Contractor and Supplier.

Luxury Interior is a local, family-owned and operated company that has grown to a middle-sized business, covering all of the Greater Vancouver Areas. Best quality is our top priority and we guarantee our work is top-notch.

We offer a wide range of services:


Major Interiors

Major Interiors is your destination for luxury Italian furniture and home decor. Their brand partners included Versace Home, Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Misura Emme and more. Major Interiors services include retail, residential, office and hotel projects.

Manner Studio

At Manner Studio we take our creative cues from the dense urban environments we call home. Shapes and forms gathered from our daily interactions, observations, and surroundings are distilled into a design language that inspires our studio practice.

We design and build both fine furniture and custom retail spaces. Our furniture pieces are crafted from enduring materials that will mature gracefully over time. Our retail design service turns brand identities into living, breathing, functional spaces.

Our design etiquette informs our studio practice: creating the highest quality work through a refined and thoughtful approach. Teaching manners through design.

Marathon Hardware

Founded in 1990, Marathon Fasteners & Hardware began with a simple concept: to provide excellent customer service to the woodworking trade by offering affordable high-quality hardware and the best customer support in the industry.

As an importer and distributor, we source products from around the world to find new and innovative solutions that will enhance your projects, both large and small. We have forged rock-solid relationships with our suppliers who rely on us to bring their products to market.

Our current catalog and website boast an extensive array of woodworking specific hardware, a vast selection of decorative and functional hardware such as hinges, slides and drawer systems, and our expanding line of kitchen storage solutions. We also carry a new line of LED Lighting, and all the shop supplies and consumable products that you use every day.

Measured Architecture

Measured Architecture is a Vancouver-based studio practice focused on modern design, interiors and landscapes. From their inception in 2007, they have delivered exceptional public and private environments that are stimulating to occupy and fundamental to their surroundings. As a full-service firm, Measured is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manifest at the end. They achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants, contractors, trades and artisans.


Mediamatic is an art centre dedicated to new developments in the arts since 1983. Organizing lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science in a strong international network. They challenge the senses and tackle perceptions regarding food, waste and unconventional materials such as piss, bacteria and fungi. The processes involved are all based on sustainable principles, as we are happy to contribute to a circular economy.

Melanie Ellery

Melanie Ellery is a contemporary artist based in Vancouver Canada. Her colourful abstract paintings emanate movement and dynamism. She works spontaneously and allows the work to develop organically while utilizing techniques of glazes, drips and mark-making. Melanie graduated from Sheridan College where she studied Illustration, majoring in Advertising and she has worked as both a graphic designer and art director.

A member of CARFAC ,  Melanie is keen on supporting other women artists. She writes a weekly feature on Instagram, she calls ‘#ArtCrushWomen’, showcasing and promoting women artists.  She is also a founding member of the all-women art collective, ’13 feet off the ground’ who participated in a group artist residency in Sicily in the Fall of 2017 and most recently in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Melqui Ramos

Raised on the sidewalks and alleyways of Joyce-Collingwood in East Vancouver, Melqui Ramos started off as an artist at the young age of 6 and continued Art at Langara College until his innate need for measurements steered him into the design world. Always trusting  the meanders of life, whilst attending the Interior Design program at BCIT, he discovered his passion for custom furniture building where he then went off on an adventure to learn how to woodwork. You will see two of his worlds. One within norms of society and the other within the underground.

Meme Brooks

Meme Brooks Design is a collaboration of like-minded people, driven by their love of design. Founded by Meme Brooks, her vision was to create a company that exceeds expectations every time.

Meme is able to express the clients’ personality within their space, making it seem impossible that they lived any other way. Her team offers a combined knowledge of hands-on design experience, close relationships with (select) vendors, and a passion for helping people fall in love with their living space.


Menu’s philosophy is simple. We want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, we make objects to be treasured now and forever.  We work with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design to produce high-quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look.  At Menu we are obsessed with clever solutions for modern living. We want to make beautiful objects for everyday use, whether that’s an indispensable item of kitchen equipment, a clever floating shelf, or a beautiful vase that adds the finishing touch to your living space. Wherever we can, we work locally with craftspeople around the world, preserving skills while creating the best modern design.

Mercier Wood Flooring

More than 35 years ago, Mercier Wood Flooring understood that wood is a natural material that requires a unique approach. Since then, every minute of every hour in every day, they devoted to offer superior products, while always respecting the environment. Because we think about your health, the Mercier Generation Greenguard Certified finish is made of 100% pure soybean oil, the healthiest choice for you and your family.

Milesi Wood Coatings

Milesi is a brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest and most influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world.

Milesi products were born in 1947 in Italy, a country that has always been a benchmark in the furniture industry. Its products have been developed and perfected through constant interaction with local industry experts and designers who are appreciated all over the world.


MiMOKO is a brand of ceramic ware designed for plants to inspire you to live amongst more greenery.

Inspired by Japanese design philosophies, we believe that true elegance is found in simplicity. Carefully constructed, pared back designs will let the plants speak for themselves and stand timeless for years to come.

Our handmade porcelain planters and vases elevate your favourite flora to a new level and make nurturing your plants an easy, enjoyable and elegant experience.

Mind the Minimal

Handcrafted in Calgary and Vancouver, Mind the Minimal’s products are based on the element of concrete and minimalism. All of the designs are hand poured,hand sanded and hand painted.

Modern Form Furniture

Modern Form Furniture is a wholesale furniture company based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Founded in 2018, our team of industry experts has a combined 30-plus years’ experience in furniture retail, production, and sourcing, with a vast network of connections across North America and Asia. We specialize in modern furniture that is equally practical as it is beautiful, each piece equipped with space-conscious transformative features that are perfect for the condo and townhouse markets. With a passion for function, our collection is designed to complement the ways that people live, work and play in the city, easily fitting into the smallest of spaces without ever sacrificing aesthetics, comfort or quality. Our value guarantee and affordable price points allow for a wide range of consumers to have access to contemporary designer pieces that seamlessly integrate into the urban home.

Monalisa Tiles

MONALISA GROUP CO., founded in 1992, is a large-size ceramic enterprise integrating technology development, professional production, and marketing, with over 1,700 employees and 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries. MONALISA Group has 2 production bases,19 modern building ceramic production lines and 2 porcelain panel production lines, with an annual output of 35 million square meters of various wall and floor tiles, porcelain panels and ceramic art products.


Dina González Mascaró lives and works in Vancouver. Trained as a sculptor in her native Argentina, DGM works in an -open space – overlap space – non place- between the art and design world. It is within that gap where González Mascaró displays her (always three-dimensional) view of things… expressed in works where structure, rubble, architecture are present.

“Sometimes even if the plan is going very well …the technique, the craft thing, the mistakes take over the piece and it is in those moments where you need to be ‘present’ because it is in that moment where you learn, where the doors open to a big world of new pieces… This important act of being ‘present’ is what leads to some of the most interesting results…then you can see that work and “read it”, understand it, even use that proven mistake and make it “science” or your new technique.”

DGM’s body of work oscillates between scales and between art – jewellery – sculpture – furniture.

Morocco Artisanat

We are a Canadian based company specializing in importing authentic Moroccan artisanal products made by skilled artisans from the region of Fez.

Moroccan art and design is known for its rich color palette and its abundant choice of shapes and patterns, all of which inspire artists to create beautiful authentic pieces that reflect the vibrancy of the Kingdom. Created using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation, each artisanal piece is handmade and unique  – no two pieces will look exactly alike. We work closely with the artists to ensure that we import only the finest quality products. The Morocco Artisanat team is proud to support local Moroccan artisans who work hard to ensure that their Moroccan identity, traditions, and techniques are kept alive.

mth woodworks

Since the inception of the company in 2010, the founder and owner of  mth woodworks, Michael Thomas Host has managed to encapsulate the essence of raw material and create an environment where the history of such is showcased in his stunning bloom collection. In both residential and commercial applications, the furniture/art he creates brings a physical sense of history into the home by showcasing the annual growth rings of our trees. These techniques have created a refreshed sense of timeline and offer clients the ability to put natural history on display   -   creating conversation, community and keeping a focus on ecological sustainability.


Muratto® is one of the most highly distinguished brands of natural surface design, with Portuguese origin. With a profile that is distinguished by its dynamism and innovation, the company emerged in 2013, with the purpose of offering dazzling covering solutions. Focused on being a breath of fresh air in the design of coating finishes, Muratto® is guided by a vision that focuses on sustainable growth, relying on four main values: Natural Lifestyle, Design, Sharing and Interior Comfort.


Namaste Artworks

Kay Zigmont has been painting for many years, experimenting first with Chinese watercolour and progressed to abstract expressionism in acrylics and mixed media. She is fascinated by the different properties of all these mediums, from the transparency of watercolours and the vibrancy of acrylics to the aliveness of stone and strenght of bronze.

By integrating the natural beauty of stone with the strenght of metal, her contemporary figurative sculptures appear to come alive, imbued with fluidity and movement. Kay’s interest in the art of sculpting has evolved from contemporary figurative to abstract figurative.

Natalie Gerber

Contemporary textile design – handcrafted in Canada – embracing an ethic of environmental responsibility, with a passion for community initiatives in support of sustainable futures.

As an artist, designer and maker, Natalie Gerber is inspired to create functional design for everyday living. While craftsmanship is important to her creative process, so too is function. She combines her love for illustration, surface design, clean lines and hand-printed fabrics with conscious material choices and in-studio practices.

Native Trails

Native Trails has produced high quality, artisan crafted kitchen and bath fixtures and home decor for over 16 years. Founder and CEO, Naomi Neilson established the company to pair the stunning copper craftsmanship she discovered in her travels through Mexico with contemporary design and sustainable business practices. Native Trails category-defining designs, high product quality, use of recycled and sustainable materials and excellent customer service has made them an industry leader.


Nelcos Architectural Film

Nelcos Architectural Film is an alternative, creative approach to surface coverings used in remodeling & renovation vinyl film for interior design, that brings new look of any surface.

Nelcos uses a commercial quality self-adhesive backed vinyl film. The air-channeled adhesive makes the film easy to install with minimal waste reducing the amount of time necessary for installation. Diverse patterns and textures in artful designs make for a beautiful interior space.


From the laundry room to the kitchen, Nellie’s helps your family go green with a full line of biodegradable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly products, as laundry room essentials, kitchen cleaners, bathroom sprays, as well as a range of small cleaning appliances, including mops and irons.

New Format Studio

New Format is a multi-faceted design studio based in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded by Henry Norris, who is a self-taught designer and craftsperson with a diverse experience starting with welding dumpsters, through to precision architectural craftsmanship, and resolving with the creation of his own studio practice in 2016.

The studio engages with projects both locally and internationally, from single pieces of furniture to entire spatial installations.

Wide-ranging interests have combined rough practicality with curiosity towards material and process to create work of a simple refinement, rooted in making, but in conversation with designers both past and present.

Norburn Lighting & Bath Centre

Norburn Lighting has been Vancouver’s authority on lighting for over 40 years. Vancouver’s leading home lighting retailer and for them, lighting not only illuminates a space – it is also a beautiful, decorative design element. Lighting influences the way you feel, the way you work, the way you live. So for Norburn Lighting, it is about helping our customer’s lives brighter.

Northern Wide Plank

For over 25 years, Northern Wide Plank has sought the globe and sourced one of a kind woods that are designed and crafted to inspire the creation of beautiful spaces that exceed our clients expectations.

The spaces we inhabit are more than places to live, work and play. They shape our experiences, exemplify our inner esthetic and affect our well being every single day. At Northern our goal is to create the very finest products that have a positive effect on the world and spaces we live in. Our exclusive wood flooring and wall surfaces are at the cutting edge of design and craftsmanship. Transform any design, from residential to commercial, into truly inspirational spaces with any one of Northern’s naturally stunning collections.


We make great tasting and award-winning vodka, gin, whiskey, and even amaro. All of our great tasting spirits have been the inspiration for great tasting, no and low calorie, no and low carb, ready to drink canned cocktails.


Ocean Pacific Lighting Inc

Ocean Pacific Lighting is a major lighting supplier throughout Western Canada and the Western U.S. Established in 1986 and under the current ownership since 1992, Ocean Pacific Lighting’s portfolio of completed projects includes some of the most prominent and iconic commercial and residential developments built today.Their goal is to provide excellent service, value and support to customers who have selected OPL as their supplier of choice.

Oliver Apt.

Handmade, modern furniture, built to last.

Oliver Apt. was born out of the desire to create beauty and simplicity in everyday furniture and objects. Defined by a timeless and functional aesthetic, we design and manufacture furniture for design-minded people who are passionate about the way they live.

Our approach blurs the lines between the home, hospitality and office environments by creating furniture that boasts simplicity and character through our expression of form, material, colour, and inherent craftsmanship. The result is long-lasting furniture that adds purpose and charisma to any space.

Opus Floors Canada

The mission of Opus Floors Canada is to succeed in providing floor covering products in a manner which strives to make the lives of our customers, associates, and community better.

Orii Design

Orii Design is a contemporary jewelry line created by Stephanie Geracitano. Utilizing her background in industrial design and sculpture, she creates wearable works of art in silver, gold, bronze and stone. Her work illuminates the beauty found in simplicity and is very sculptural with a strong emphasis on form and structure. The dynamic forms create unique silhouettes from every angle. Many of her designs combine sculptural elements found in nature with an organic architectural aesthetic.


Pacific Rug Gallery

Pacific Rug Gallery (PRG) is a story about how an entrepreneur created an enterprise that grew from a modest beginning back in Tehran, Iran to become one of the success stories of Persian and Oriental rug industry here in Canada.
The company traces its roots to the late 1970s, when Hossein Daliri, at a very young age, took upon himself to learn the true artistry of creating high-quality Persian rugs, while attending school at night to further his education. It was during his earlier years as a teen that he mastered the art of Persian Rug creation and reconstruction.

Paper Collective

At Paper Collective we bring together our favorite designers, artists, and illustrators to create inspirational and iconic graphic prints and products while promoting great causes and charities. Our three most important principles are social responsibility, sustainability, and strong creative partnerships:

We curate our favorite designers and artists from across the world to create unique limited edition prints and graphic design products for modern homes, interiors and good people all over the world. Our broad range of creative contributors makes Paper Collective a one-stop destination for any kind of art for your walls.

Paul Gong

“Human Hyena” raises the question of whether humans can modify their bodies using synthetic biology to consume and digest rotten food like the scavenger hyenas.

Inspired by the hyena species, these “human hyenas” use synthetic biology to create new bacterias and modify their digestive system to be like that of the hyena – with its different sense of smell and taste.

Paul Gravett

Each of Paul Gravett’s series starts with a challenge with himself: find an aspect of something that is not immediately apparent. For the Elemental Light images, Paul starts by looking for captivating patterns, light and colour – the building blocks of all photographs and art. He then use photographic techniques to ‘see’ beyond the physical object, revealing something hidden to create abstract, painterly images. The process relies on randomness and a bit of luck, and no two images are ever the same.The challenge for the Museum Portraits and the Thrift Store Finds series is finding a degree of artistic control in the crowded, usually harshly lit, restricted and distracting spaces. The results can be alternately serene or surreal.


PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED is a young Danish design company founded in 2014. Our goal is to introduce designs which have the potential of becoming classics. Before we launch a new design, we always ask ourselves: Will this design in its entirety, become a long-lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?

Our design collection has its own characteristics with a focus on interaction, good craftsmanship, quality, materials, and sustainability in terms of durable design.

We also distribute great products from dedicated brands, artists, designers, and manufacturers, with the same ideologies as ourselves. We are proud that they trust us to represent them.


Founded in 2003 by husband-and-wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo has become internationally recognized as an online and brick and mortar destination for innovative art and design. A Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that believes art is essential to everyday living; specializing in design-conscious stationery, housewares, apparel, and accessories meant to cultivate a creative lifestyle.

Powers Construction

Powers Construction is a construction management company specializing in high end architectural projects. Our work has been featured in industry leading magazines such as Dwell, Canadian Architect, Azure and Western Living.

Their focus is on building new architectural homes that demand smart thinking and excellent craftsmanship. Whether it’s a detailed home from the ground up or a custom renovation, their crew is committed to your vision, right down to the finest detail.

Premier Automation and Design

Premier Automation and Design is a vibrant and unique home integration company with an ever-changing inventory of audiovisual technology with a design and build organization that brings more to the table than just products. Offering homeowners, designers, architects, and home builders an innovative way to integrate high quality and high-performance technology into their homes and projects.

Prima Stone

Super Format Marble Tile

Sourced from the ranges of Europe and Asia, Prima Stone is a 100% natural, super format tile created of marble, travertine or onyx.

Prima Stone is cut and applied to fibreglass or aluminum composite backing creating a tile with an impact and flexural strength rating that is over 10 times greater than slab or porcelain tile.

Prima Stone was designed to be cut and installed by a tile setter, reducing installation time and cost.

Privé Studios Inc.

A family-owned business Prive Studios Inc has been serving custom home builders and private residences for over 20 years. Prive Studios Inc were often the forgotten child within a home, taking a backseat to hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and ceramic tiles, but yet, these beautiful details that are characterized in the various styles offered be it English, Colonial, French, Gothic, Roman, can suddenly transform an ordinary room into something old-world, elegant or bring out its grandeur with a simple touch of splendor, “The aesthetic and character of a home is enhanced and adorned through the accents of trimmings and crown cornices dressed upon it.”


Quake Studio

Quake Studio is a one-of-kind design and art studio that is re-imagining preconceived ideas of Pacific Northwest design. Our refined, functional art pieces are always inspired by nature, developed in creative collaborations, and rooted in our founder, Lisa Turner’s creative vision. We create small, exclusive batches of beautiful objects for those who graciously appreciate design and quality.



Reform is a Danish design company specializing in kitchen cabinetry. Driven by curiosity and a desire to make great design accessible to everyone, develop kitchens that are designed to be used and enjoyed – every day. Each of our kitchen collections is developed in Copenhagen in collaboration with some of the most interesting and internationally acclaimed designers and architects (eg. Bjarke Ingels Group, Norm Architects, and Cecilie Manz). Together we challenge conformity, explore the culture and inspire new perspectives on how we live and work in our kitchen spaces. We innovate through form and functionality by experimenting with and combining new as well as traditional materials and methods that fit the needs of our time.   


RENWIL is proud to be celebrating 50 years of design. We pride ourselves on creating quality wall decor, mirrors, lighting, accessories and rugs for any room setting or environment. Our team of 10 talented in-house artists travel the world in search of new materials, fashions, and trends.


Canada’s Leading Lighting, Kitchen & Bath Showrooms


Our award-winning showrooms are frequented by local and international clients who value premium fixtures and exceptional service. Our showrooms feature a full range of products from North America and Europe, and are often recognized for offering a “one of a kind” look for the discerning buyer.

Whether you are building or renovating, our knowledgeable sales consultants backed by more than 80 years of industry experience, will save you time by ensuring an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. With products sourced from around the world – as well as in our own backyard – you will find a vast selection of high-quality lighting and bath products to help you create your dream living space.

Only the best in quality and craftsmanship will do. With lighting brands such as Flos, Moooi, Marset, Fabbian, Schonbek, Kichler, Feiss and Tech Lighting, and plumbing brands like Kohler, Duravit, WetStyle, Dornbracht and Bain Ultra, Robinson is sure to meet your every need.


Salt & Stone Soap Company

Our – SEA SALT SOAPS – create a spa-like experience at home using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients. Through art and science, we create luxury handcrafted, natural and vegan soaps that are functional and beautiful.

Schluter Systems

Based on his extensive knowledge of tile assemblies, Werner Schlüter has consistently met the needs of a rapidly evolving industry by developing practical solutions to tile installation challenges. What began as a modest idea has since evolved into a company with over 40 product lines that are promoted in countries around the world.


Semikolon is inseparably linked to Günther Dezlhofer, who developed the first collection of blank books and boxes with solid-coloured linen covers in 1988 at his atelier at Lake Starnberg, following many years of professional experience in distributing stationery products. The brand Semikolon was born.

Today the concept behind Semikolon is to create a series of complementary stationery products in a variety of contemporary colours.

The Semikolon design and colour system is intended to give customers the opportunity to combine and collect any desired photo albums, notebooks and decorative storage boxes from the collection. The colour palette has been consistently developed and updated throughout Semikolon’s almost 30-year history.

At the same time Semikolon products are still manufactured according to the same methods introduced by Dezlhofer in 1988. Each product is handmade. This hallmarks the timeless design approach of the brand and demonstrates that success is not necessarily due to following passing trends. Semikolon is a true modern classic.


Foshan Senmy Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is an enterprise professionally designing, manufacturing and marketing shower enclosures and shower doors in Foshan. Our workshop occupies an area of more than 6000 square meters. Our bathroom showers have more than 100 different kinds of models, which are the perfect combination of fashionable design, Novelty, Beauty and advanced technology. Our products also boast of durability, reliability, safety, competitive price, easy transportation, using and installation.

Seymour + Smith

Seymour + Smith’s mission is to elevate your look and help you see. Their universally flattering and unisex reading glasses are designed with a clean and simple west coast aesthetic hand polished and made from sustainable materials.

Shaakira Jassat

Tea Drop is a tea machine that has the ability to condense water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere. It functions on its own timeframe, so one has to wait for the tea vessel to be filled up with water before it can be boiled and ready for making tea.

South African designer Shaakira Jassat discovered that water is a by-product of processing tea, and harvested tea leaves are dependent on the weather and subject to time. Tea Drop aims to recapture this precious resource whilst giving power back to the environment.

Shakun Jhangiani

An intuitively creative contemporary artist, Shakun’s signature style and distinctive use of mixed media is well known and easily recognizable in all of her paintings. She enjoys simply going with the flow and experimenting with different materials and techniques to discover ever more unique processes that inspire her to create out of the ordinary paintings.

Sharon W. Huget

Sharon W. Huget is a Canadian visual artist. Working in acrylic and mixed media, she creates contemporary compositions that are abstractions of both the real and imagined. Through the use of colour, texture and graphite renderings, her paintings suggest the uncertain interception of human experience with what is unknown, allusive and transcendent.​ Inspired by natural and architectural forms, the sketchy, incomplete structures and markings allude to distant places and times both unknown and yet familiar. The evocative visual narrative remains obscure, inviting viewers to explore with attentive contemplation.In collaboration with other artists and clients, SWHuget ART & DESIGN creates custom printed textiles from original artworks and personal artifacts for luxury home design and clothing.  Proudly Canadian, her home and clothing designs are ethically manufactured on demand in Canada.

Silen Space

Silen Space is an Estonian manufacturer of unique modular silent spaces that give everyone a chance to focus in an open space. Every day, we are set on boosting creativity and on being a smart partner for businesses who care about the well-being of their teams. Or in other words, about the quality of their ideas.

Our Spaces come with a simple goal: to offer never-before-seen flexibility for workspaces that are headed towards the future. This is why we have kept the user functionality at the c

Slide Clear

Slide Clear Adaptable Spaces – Walls, Doors, Covers, Glass

Slide Clear’s flexible systems transform and connect spaces. We create indoor and outdoor partitions which are flexible and adjust to make environments elegant, sophisticated, functional, offer protection from the elements and ensure these areas are useful for prolonging use into almost all conditions.

Smart Nano Film

Smart Nano Film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Control our switchable film from clear to frosted (opaque) with the click of a button or from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world. Smart Nano Film switchable privacy film is private frosted and opaque when powered
off and transparent clear when powered on.

Smart Nano Film offer durable privacy on demand, extreme clarity and maximum performance when powered ON and OFF and both are dimmable!


SMEG was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni, Sr. from Guastalla, a town near the city of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy, and is today one of the country’s leading home appliance manufacturers producing products for consumers who follow design and its evolution.


From high-end interior specialists to craftsman. Because craftsmanship outlives every trend.

We have a design heritage of Nurus, which has a World Wide proven success in design and industrial production. That inspiration is translated into our designs, which are then realized by experienced craftsmen. This means you always get the best of both expertise.


Sofally is the furniture store of the future. With multiple customizable features, you can have your sofa any way you like it. Why compromise?


Finishing schemes for your home, assembled for you by interior designers.

Choose your scheme, receive your package within one week or placing order and get exited to plan your renovation or new build!

Your SPEC package will include; large samples, spec binder, drawings of interior details and savings on finishes.

Making quality design accessible to everyone.

Sticks & Stones Furniture

Sticks and Stones Furniture creates architectural concrete products for indoor and outdoor applications from fireplaces to outdoor kitchens and firepits.

Based in Squamish, BC and using locally-sourced aggregates for our concrete and BC timber, our aim is to produce high quality architectural precast concrete pieces. Our products are designed to be timeless touchpoints for your places of conversation – places to gather, linger and connect.

Straight Line Designs

Unique Furniture & Custom Installations. Straight Line Designs Inc. is a custom art furniture company! We design and build all our pieces in house at our Shop in Vancouver BC.

Studio G3 Glass

Studio G3 has been creating art glass for over 20 years. In 1996, the focus was the design and fabrication of artistic sandblasting, etching, and airbrushing glass and murals. Driven by their love of glass and the increasing demand for new and exciting glass products and applications, in 1999, their discoveries inspired them to create decorative architectural glass via a process called “Kiln-Formed”; their initial challenge was to have large kilns built, tested, modified and continue to improve upon large kiln technology.


In an era where experiences are the new currency, Hannerie started Studio H to help brands stand out in the crowd. She’s built a talented and hard-working team who work on memory-making projects for clients. If Hannerie were a food, she’d choose to be an egg for its ability to transform into almost anything, from humble eggy bread to super fancy meringues.


studio CM is a commercial design firm based in Gastown, Vancouver, with a focus on hospitality and retail work as well as custom furniture and lighting design. Founded in June of 2013, Andrea Greenway laid the foundation for the firm under its original name of Andrea Greenway Interior Design. As a driven designer and entrepreneur, the demand for her work quickly outgrew the studios capacity. In partnership with Ella Kane, they now lead the team as joint Principals and Creative Directors.

We have an innate interest in tailor-made design and a collaborative approach to working with local businesses. Grounded in functionality, our site-specific solutions and ambitious details are the touchpoints in every project. All members of the studio are avid observers who draw inspiration from a wide range of sources. No image or object is too obscure to become the catalyst for our projects.

Surfacing Solution

Surfacing Solution works with both residential and commercial clients. We sell a wide variety of products for walls, ceilings, wainscoting and more including our thermoformed faux tin ceiling tiles and real wood veneer and solid wood tambours. We also deal with acoustical issues including airborne and impact noise in commercial and home environments.


SwitzerCultCreative™ is a luxury furniture showroom dedicated to the discovery, promotion, and development of modern, original designs.

We search for products that are new to the North American market and seek to identify designers who create original designs, exclusively for us.

Within our flagship showroom here in Vancouver, and through our extensive network of designer showrooms both in Canada and the United States we carefully curate unique collections of furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories.

In the same way that we care about the food we eat, who grows it and whether it is organic or not, we place the highest importance on knowing every detail of our products.




Vancouver-based art and design studio Tangible is partnering with ETRO Construction and UnBuilders on an installation in the foyer of IDS Vancouver. Tangible blends art, design, and technology to create interactive spaces and experiences that spark a sense of wonder. They have designed an installation inspired by our 2019 theme of Design DNA. Visit the fair and experience the installation in person!

TAV Studio

TAV Studio is a handmade ceramics studio based in Vancouver, BC. Born out of Tanvi Arora’s passion for the arts and decade long experience in interior design, TAV Studio’s primary aesthetic is based on modern forms and bright colors. Every piece is carefully thrown at the wheel, hand-painted in bright glazes and finished with 22k gold luster.

TDH Experiential Fabricators

TDH is a custom fabricator bringing decades of sign & display knowledge to your project. We don’t just want to build you a sign, we want to help elevate your brand, attract new customers and have a smooth experience with us.

Our specialties are custom architectural signs, metal fabrication, illuminated signs & interactive environments. Our team of specialists can handle all types of projects from concept to completion & will guarantee a professional experience alongside a meticulously finished product.

We are founded on being the connecting point of a visual idea to the real world built environment. We seek out innovative perspectives and transform those concepts into relevant and captivating displays. With every project, we provide an experience that produces precise and accurate results that have a lasting positive impact on our clients and the environment.


Tekla Fabrics is a homeware design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We make a collection of home textiles carefully curated for the modern home.

TELUS Future Home

Discover the technologies set to revolutionize how you live. TELUS Future Home is a dynamic and interactive travelling smart home demonstrating how friendly the future can be. Experience firsthand how connected technology can transform daily living. Where you can interact with appliances. Manage your living environment. Centralize your communications. And surround yourself with entertainment.The touchpoints help you simplify everyday activities, keep you safe, stay healthy, more informed and more comfortable. With technology powered and made possible by the lightning-fast TELUS PureFibre™ network, a home like this helps you live smart.

The Artist Project

Artist Project is Canada’s largest fair for independent artists. Held annually in Toronto collectors and curators, gallerists, designers and visitors can explore and discover works of art from over 300 top contemporary artists from Canada and abroad.

Artist Project and the Interior Design Show Vancouver collaborate this year in bringing artist Emma Aurelia’s interactive installation I/O, 2018 to the show floor.

I/O, 2018
Emma Aurelia
The Jacquard loom and player piano share roots in punch card technology, both utilizing perforated cards to interpret pattern. This piece is a translation of pattern in cloth and sound.Drawing upon the common history of these processes, the cloth and sound share the same code. The music was composed using a midi roll, a digital equivalent to a player piano punch card, and the cloth woven using a modern Jacquard loom. Put through their respective machines, the static sets of relationships garner hauntingly distinct identities. The same “ethereal” code assumes different concrete forms. The music is atmospheric and recursive, a testament to the interconnection between technologies. As a viewer, this becomes reflective of the passive relationships that we share with the technologies themselves.
Soundscape by Emma Aurelia and Miles Breithaupt (Blutonic Choir) featuring Patrick Dilkie

Artist Project Toronto February 20-23 2020
Artist Project X IDS Vancouver 2020 – COMING SOON

The Barge

Imagine the best General Store you’ve ever been to, in the form of a modern marketplace, and supported by the infrastructure and community that it needs to thrive. A community of people designed for sharing expertise and resources. A curated marketplace of goods presented via desktop and mobile apps and, ultimately, at physical connection centers in key markets. A micro-economy designed to reward referrals and encourage transactions within the community. We see an opportunity to connect people from diverse backgrounds, and to create a system built on sustainability and support.

Timeless Wine Cellars

We are one of the most widespread manufacturers custom wine cellar in North America. Our master craftsmen are passionate about their craft, hand building each and every cellar out of local or exotic hardwoods and finishing them with hand-rubbed stains and water based lacquers. The result is a modern, elegant and outstanding wine cellar built with uncompromising quality.

Tom Lee Music

Tom Lee Music is proud to represent the world’s finest pianos from Steinway & Sons. Steinway limited edition pianos have been products of collaboration with some of the most notable artists and designers of our time to create a special series of pianos that re-imagine what uncompromised expression looks like.  Custom built at the New York factory, their Limited Edition collections combine classic craftsmanship with inspired and meaningful designs, making them a majestic and unique work of art. Our booth features some of the best examples of these designs among others.


Driven to create elegant and functional products and spaces, Tomnuk Design was started by Jordan Tomnuk in 2013.

At Tomnuk, design is about innovation, questioning the conventional, observing our environments, and improving functionality. With this in mind, we take on a range of industrial design projects, everything from designing furniture, lighting prototypes and interior spaces, to public art commissions.

We initially set forth in creating a unique line of products that have been designed, tested and manufactured to last and this is carried through to all of our endeavours– it is the heart of our mission as a company.

Turkel Design

We believe in continually evolving the notion of what a home should be—maximizing flexibility and energy efficiency using engineered materials in thoughtfully designed, sustainably conceived living environments.

Using our highly refined approach, we guide our clients through a simple, interactive design process, leveraging the predictability of prefabricated building systems to control the cost, quality, and timing of our homes.

Because we offer comprehensive design services—designing and manufacturing building components and cabinetry and sourcing high-quality products and materials from our Preferred Vendor Network—we are redefining the relationship between architect and client with our ability to completely customize our clients’ interiors and creating beautiful environments inside and out.



UnBuilders is a Vancouver based building deconstruction and salvaging company. Skilled carpenters, rather than heavy machinery, are trained to save irreplaceable old growth wood from being dumped in the landfill, giving the home owner an economic and environmental benefit.

Union Wood Co.

Since 2009, Union Wood Co. has established a name for making high-quality furniture and honest goods. In using elementary materials like wood, metal, and leather we create pieces that reflect a utilitarian approach to a modern aesthetic. Our brand continues to grow by producing meticulously crafted furniture pieces and bringing a meaningful lifestyle to our clients and audience.

Urban Barn

At Urban Barn, we’re inspired to help you create a home that expresses who you are. We curate accessible home décor for design-conscious people.

The first Urban Barn opened over 30 years ago with wooden floors and a big farmhouse door, a rustic space right in the heart of the city. Since then, this contrast has been at our core: we balance a range of designs from urban contemporary to modern rustic available in 55 shops across Canada and online at urbanbarn.com

Come in and feel right at home with Urban Barn.


Urbanwalls makes all kinds of removable wall decals and chalk decals for homes. With the appeal of wallpaper and a level of permanence that supports designer ADD, the company is continually creating decals that allow changes and swaps (without hurting any walls). From designers to those who claim no creativity, Urbanwalls enables customers to think outside of the box, inspiring them to fall in love with the spaces that surround them.


Valerie Capewell


Art and Design are part insight, part inspiration, and a lot – of invention. In my studio, accidents happen, and that moves my work forward. I work to develop original works – avoiding trends and following the direction of the work – in the moment. My colourful works reflect my LOVE OF COLOUR AND DESIGN. Works are held in private and public collections worldwide.

My background is in fashion, design and illustration, as well of course, in fine art.


I found a muse in Gray Magazine (Seattle) which covers interiors, architecture, fashion, art and design. The well written cover headline/story, and the beautiful photograph completely inspired me. The image reminded me of Frida Kahlo, and the fashion designer Paloma Hurtado, had a great story. The headline read, “When you come as an immigrant to the U.S., you develop a thick skin. It drives you to be successful. Each painting in this ongoing series has this common ‘thread’. To me the photo encompassed so much. Beauty. History. Struggle. Colour. Inspiration. I hope when you see these paintings you will feel what I felt. The series continues to grow and evolve – 21+ paintings later.

They are so much more than VIOLETS, they tell a STORY.

Valor Fireplaces

Miles Industries was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1977 by Garry and Barbara Miles, its objective–to build upon the Miles’ family experience in the Home heating industry. In 1984 as volume grew, Miles Industries obtained the exclusive Canadian distributorship for Valor products and the first Canadian Gas Association (CGA) Certified products arrived for sale on a national basis.

Recognizing a need to bring product to market faster and more economically, Miles Industries approached Valor in 1999 and recommended that Valor Branded products be manufactured by Miles. An agreement was signed in 2001–and the rest is history.

Van Gogh Designs

Masters in the art of comfort, Van Gogh Designs has been designing and manufacturing custom upholstered furniture in Canada for 25 years. With hundreds of styles, fabrics and customization options, Van Gogh Designs allows you to create the sofa, bed or chair of your dreams. The possibilities are endless! Visit our website to find a retailer or designer near you.

Vancouver General Contractors

An award winning home renovation company specializing in green-built projects, mobility accessibility, custom homes, additions and major renovation. They provide clients with an amazing experience in transforming their home into beautiful functional art that reflects the lifestyle they choose to lead. Vancouver General Contractors’ Code of Business Practices ensures ethics and integrity are at the top priority list when serving clients.

Vicostone Canada

Established in December 2002 at the Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, Thach That district, Hanoi, Vietnam, VICOSTONE is a pioneer in manufacturing quartz-based engineered stones in Asia. With a global distribution network, VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces are now available in all continents and recommended by interior designers and architects.

VICOSTONE continuously innovates to provide new and trendy designs with the best quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Unique and luxurious.

Victoria Design Collective

The Victoria Design Collective is a group of four designers, based in Victoria, BC, who share the same philosophy, motivations and goals, and by working together they are able to bring greater meaning and deeper context to each other’s work. They believe in honest, unique, long-lasting and functional design, always committed to the preservation of the environment.


We have created world-changing innovations since the first Volvo rolled off the production line in 1927. The modern seatbelt. The side impact protection system. The pedestrian detection system. Today, Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands, preparing for a new future that will be all-electric, autonomous and connected.

Our company is a truly global organization: our roots are decidedly Scandinavian, but we have manufacturing, research, and design operations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.



WA MOGA 29 is an online boutique offering a curated selection of modern Japanese artisanal goods — like Herbariums!

Herbariums were invented over four centuries ago to preserve botanical specimens.
Today, they play a starring role as elegantly sustainable accessories for home and office.
WA MOGA 29 Herbariums are crafted by hand in Vancouver, BC, using hand-pickedplants and premium-grade oil that preserves the vibrancy and longevity of flower colors.

WAY object

WAY object is a Vancouver based design studio. WAY specialize on design including Architecture, Interior, Furniture, and Product.

West Coast Windows

West Coast Windows began in 1976 in Surrey, BC. For over 40 year West Coast Windows has been creating inspiring, custom-crafted vinyl windows and doors for renovation and new construction. An experienced team of craftspeople and customer service agents offers a unique blend of creative and practical advice.

Western Living

As Canada’s largest regional magazine, Western Living invites readers to stretch their imaginations about living in the West. We inform and entertain a sophisticated, active and engaged urban reader. 

Our distinct Western Canadian focus is centred on three pillars: home design and decor, food and wine, and travel. Stunning photography and curated content captivate our readers as they relax and enjoy the authority and inspiration of the West’s best design source.

Willow & Stump Design Co.

Willow & Stump Design Co. is a multidisciplinary studio focused on creating meaningful products designed to function in our modern world. Partners Kaly Ryan and Bram Sawatzky are Industrial Designers based in Vancouver, Canada. Initially inspired by the constraints of designing for small spaces, the pair co-founded Willow & Stump in 2014 to meet the needs of others looking for products as elegant as they are functional.

The studio believes in using the local community and resources to provide clients with innovative solutions to their design challenges. Using in house 3D fabrication such as CAD modeling, CNC, and Laser cutting, Willow & Stump works closely with clients to create impactful designs. Through their work and in collaboration with others they strive to bring products to market that solve challenging design issues and contribute to a sustainable future.



Our new contemporary compressorless wine display allows each and every bottle to be visible. Big impact, little space! Zeronext Technology: Quiet, 1/4 degree stability and vibration free. 10” deep it can be mounted to a wall with minimal impact to space of the room.


Zoë Pawlak

Zoë Pawlak is a contemporary, Canadian, artist and designer, working with private clients, interior designers, and brands. She is an active participant in the Canadian creative community and has made a significant contribution toward supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship.

Known primarily for her decade long career as a painter, Zoë’s rug collections, and furniture collaborations earned her a reputation as a notable, emerging designer. Zoë possesses a dynamic personality with a unique capacity to maintain a strong personal aesthetic. She provides her clients and collectors with a wide range of new work, due to her evolving and prolific practice.

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