Xuanpu Huang

Xuanpu Huang‘s design work entitled “麓 | Lume” will be featured in IDS Vancouver’s fan-favorite Prototype group juried exhibition.

Prototype is located next to the Studio North section in the south west corner of the show floor.

About 麓 | Lume:

“What is home? The aura of a home allows one to feel good when leaving, and it feels even better to come back.
Presenting a broader atmosphere of the character ‘麓‘. The place where the deer lives are at the foot of a mountain amongst trees. There is water and grass, which is suitable for survival, and in case of danger, they go up to the mountain or hide in the forest, which is the most ideal habitat for a deer. Deers consider that environment a home since it creates a sense of comfort, belonging, warmth, familiarity, and satisfaction. All animals want to live in a place that has a feeling of home. I find myself in the same position as a deer in search of this warm home.
A common symptom shared amongst those away from their origin is being homesick. Straying away from an unfamiliar environment can create a sense of discomfort with the unknown. This feeling gets stronger in frequent changes between a sense of familiarity to unfamiliarity.
During my journey, my place of residence has always been without a fix. My journey started in Toronto where I lived for 3 years, then moved to Vancouver to continue my study. And now, my next step will be in Finland. As an international student in identifying what brings me warmth, belonging, and comfort. I felt that most when I ate, worked, and relaxed on a familiar chair. Over the years, I thought a chair was only to satisfy comfort but I took that for granted, During the move, I parted ways with this chair. I realized I developed a connection with this chair. The moment I realized I had to part ways, I was very reluctant.
The beginning of a journey is the difficult part. In an unfamiliar city, it can feel lonely. As you open your suitcase or express box in your new residence, a familiar collapsible chair can be found and assembled. And placed as your first step in creating a warm, and familiar place where you belong. The chair is the essence of an elevated space.
Overall, rebuilding a sense of belonging and comfort through building a companion that follows one to their next home.”

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