QWRKhouse is Bernard Mitchell and Krista Humphrey, two Canadian designers with a devotion to sustainable + creative explorations. Through QWRKhouse, they have adopted the practice of “digital craft”; an answer to a post industrial era, where there is time and space for thoughtful consideration, and a minimized production of goods. The QWRKhouse collection of objects are created purely with digital software tools as the medium and fused filament fabrication printing as the physical outlet for the creative process. They embrace the aesthetic of the digital design process by incorporating and utilizing the inherent appearances of 3D printing as expressions of design.
Bringing a balance of creative and analytical prowess, Krista and Bernard navigate the design process as a sequence of opportunities; a multidisciplinary platform from which to improve the human experience. Their combined passion stems from the belief that design should make you feel something beyond the satisfaction of basic function, it is both experiential and emotional. Their aesthetic makes you want to look twice, to be intrigued and engaged; to bring an element of illusion or the fantastic that shares their sense of curiosity with others.
The QWRKhouse manifesto:
• Do not overproduce
• Minimize the overall footprint of goods created.
• Use materials that biodegrade (or are recyclable).
• Bring light and love into the lives of others

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