Pablo Mariano Craft Studio

Pablo Mariano Craft Studio‘s design work entitled “Tronco y Lumbre” will be featured in IDS Vancouver’s fan-favorite Prototype group juried exhibition.

Prototype is located next to the Studio North section in the south west corner of the show floor.

About Tronco y Lumbre:

“The pieces in “Tronco y Lumbre” are the starting point for a collection of everyday-use household objects made entirely by hand using wood and copper. The objects explore a design approach informed by a study of proportions and inspired by angular forms with an architecture-reminiscent character, softened and personalized by the craftsman’s hands and tools.

The narrative is simple and common to many, yet personal: these are objects designed and made as explorations of technical possibilities and as exercises for further training a skill and design language, while pursuing beauty—as understood by the author. I’m an Argentinian woodworker, metalworker and designer, based in Vancouver. In my shop, I build all the pieces I design using hand tools only. I strive to create objects that can elevate my understanding and interactions with the materials I use, to produce every-day use objects that can carry their own personality and contribute in making a space at home feel more relevant and relatable. I produce my work as a reflection of my values: I understand crafts as a medium for personal improvement, realization and fulfillment.

I believe hand-made objects shouldn’t be synonyms of luxurious and unattainable objects, but rather something quotidian and within reach of reasonable budgets. Crafts, I believe, should be more accessible in times of relentless mass production, standardization and depersonalization. Both, “Tronco” (the stool), and “Lumbre” (the candle holder) are aesthetically austere, and formally direct and uncontrived, avoiding any accessory embellishments or ego inflated technical virtuosity. The beauty of these objects is the beauty of the materials and the forms, and what they might express when occupying a space and being used. The stool will be made in Movingui and African Mahogany, probably finished in shellac and wax. The candle holder will be made using copper for the candle receptacle and rod, and the wall-mounting base might be made in Limba or Movingui wood.”

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