Karla Erasmus

Karla Erasmus‘ design work entitled “Future Remnants” will be featured in IDS Vancouver’s fan-favorite Prototype group juried exhibition.

Prototype is located next to the Studio North section in the south west corner of the show floor.

About Future Remnants:

“Future Remnants is a series of metal forms as an exploration of time. This project uses a familiar material, steel, in a different context than where it is most often seen in order to talk through the temporalities that we assign to certain materials. We put our faith in steel to hold up our buildings, bridges, and world but rarely do we acknowledge the material for its malleability in design and use. Metal spans across time and function like few other materials.

Future Remnants is a celebration of metal in a more personal context; as furniture pieces that will likely exist long after their inception. These forms are made of 10 gauge hot rolled mild steel. Each form was cut out of sheet, has an element that was bent to a degree and was welded back into a new formation. Both these pieces were heat treated to draw out different colours from the steel; one with an acetylene torch, the other with a kiln.”

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