David Ullock (Druvid)

David Ullock (Druvid) will be presenting as part of an installation on the show floor featuring designs by members of TWIG. This installation is led by TWIG member Patrick Christie 

About TWIG: The Wood Innovation Group—TWIG, is a network & community of wood-related professionals committed to advancing innovation in BC’s value-added wood product industry.  TWIG has been hosting monthly events for a good part of the past 10 years, fostering many new connections that have led to new businesses, products and services. The group believes creativity is what drives innovation and creates value, and through collaboration, a future of forestry can be re-imagined into one that prioritizes people the environment and culture.

“The value in the material is in how your treat it” – Art Paul

TWIG inspires people to work with material in our own backyard – from 2nd and 3rd growth sources, underutilized species, community-owned and private lands or reclaiming and refurbishing. TWIG as a network is a group of people who work in various sectors of wood product industries The events are a means to inspire and create connections that help people access the resources they need to realize their ideas. The organization is rooted in wood science through its support from the UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing and informed by industry and craft through its organizing team, board and long-term members.

The Shape Program: 

In its pilot year, the Shape program supports participants in a journey, from raw material to finished object. TWIG created this program to fill a crucial gap in the wood products industry and the local design markets similar to a technology incubator or accelerator program for wood products. Shape is a cohort-style program and the individuals in the group come from a variety of backgrounds that relate to wood. In this program, participants are challenged to develop an idea that embodies their approach to design, material considerations and regional influences. The program concludes with a presentation of work at IDS Vancouver that showcases each individual, aimed to ignite a conversation around design, forestry and the value of art and creativity. The individuals in this program collectively seek to expand on the products and services they offer, by developing new products that incorporate regional woods.

The exhibition at IDS will be curated by the organizer Patrick Christie who joined TWIG 10 years ago as a recent graduate of Emily Carr’s Industrial Design program. He got his first chance to showcase works at IDS through a program created in partnership with BC Wood and IDS. Over the years he has invested his time into learning about regional woods and local industries, creating projects that showcase the distinct characteristics of wood. His work at TWIG is focused on developing programs, events and services that connect people together to share experiences and knowledge about wood. Patrick has a history of over 10 years of working in wood while organizing and curating local events and exhibitions that showcase creative thinking.

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