Bennett Molnar

Bennett Molnar‘s design work entitled “Mourning Chair for a Ghost” will be featured in IDS Vancouver’s fan-favorite Prototype group juried exhibition.

Prototype is located next to the Studio North section in the south west corner of the show floor.

About Mourning Chair for a Ghost:
“The Mourning Chair for a Ghost is a piece of sculptural ‘furniture’ which makes itself
unavailable for a sitter through its lack of seat. The piece is otherwise concerned with propping
up non-physical visitors, offering a spot designed and reserved specifically for them.

With this function in mind, the Mourning Chair becomes a powerful tool for managing
grief. Using the Mourning Chair as a proxy for lost loved ones, participants can situate
themselves adjacent to the chair and have conversations or interactions with a physical space
and tangible object. The chair becomes a representation of someone who is no longer able to
speak, acting as a silent partner in conversation with the begrieved.

The sculpted form of the chair strives to bring a further reverence for the dead, standing
tall as a totem of remembrance to bring forward fond memories of lost loved ones each time it
is viewed.”

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