Annaka Hoelk Design

Annaka Hoelk‘s design work entitled “Nui Table/Floor Lamp” will be featured in IDS Vancouver’s fan-favorite Prototype group juried exhibition.

Prototype is located next to the Studio North section in the south west corner of the show floor.

About Nui Table/Floor Lamp:

“Lamps hold a unique power as pieces of furniture; they are both an object and an effect, they unite the opposing ideals of sculpture and function, they can set or destroy a mood, and great lighting is the single most transformative thing in a space. It is from these ideas that Nui was born, as an exploration of how an object could fulfill all these roles while helping people see their spaces in – literally – a new light. When we see something in a new light, we see it with fresh eyes, perhaps helping combat the inevitable ennui we all feel in the spaces we inhabit. Pulling from the familiar archetype of the cone lampshade, but modernizing it with industrial materials and architectural shapes, Nui strives to provide the user with several ways to approach transformation while staying true to its visual intention.
First, through its ambiguous shape and size it is not confined to any one placement, and invites users to view it on a credenza, table or floor. Second, its simply shaped lampshade is transected by a coloured plexiglass bar and is free-moving from the base, providing an unexpected line of coloured light and the ability to position this color towards or away from a receiving surface. Third, the lampshade assembly is held together with only two bolts and nuts, allowing the plexiglass to be switched for another color using simple tools. Fourth, like any versatile lighting Nui is equipped with a dimming switch, allowing for varied lighting intensities, which especially has an effect on the richness and strength of the projected color. Ultimately, Nui represents the fundamental ambition of my design practice; striving to make beautiful, thoughtful, emotionally durable and functional objects that not only enhance the spaces we inhabit, but in doing so provide a moment of wonder.”

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