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IDS 360° is a new virtual series created by IDS in solidarity with the industry and designers we champion. Launched across all our platforms, it highlights handpicked, diverse brands with video Q+As, product launches, studio tours, and more. Not taking our voice and reach for granted, the national IDS platform is accessing individual designers, architects and brands of all sizes to hear their visions, challenges, triumphs and potential for a more thoughtful, more beautiful design practice, post-pandemic.

We are thrilled to continue the IDS 360° series with Vancouver-based LIV Design Studio, a multi-disciplinary studio led by Olivia Lam. LIV is an award-winning design studio that was founded in 2012 with a strong focus on interior design. Since their inception, they have incorporated other aspects of design into their practice, including branding, animation, illustration and CG artistry to name a few, all while growing their original core expertise in interior design.

We asked the team at LIV to share how their design approach and systems had changed in the last few months. They shared that not much has changed besides a majority of the team working from home now. The team leads design projects across North America and has systems in place so they can work in different cities and remotely through video conference calls, virtual site visits, material samples mailed directly to team members at home and their design process called Visually-Led-Design. The team has shared more details about the VLD process below.

“At LIV Design Studio, we call our design process VLD – Visually-Led Design. It is a visually focused, iterative approach to the interior design process that enables us to more effectively communicate our designs to our clients – expediting the overall design process. Our approach to interior design evolved to what it is today as a solution to barriers of visualizing the space and flow of design concepts and ideas that are traditionally presented in 2D formats. Not only has VLD become a crucial tool for our designers to communicate concepts and designs with clients, but it has also become instrumental to ensure the proposed design fully captures the intended use of the space and cultivates an experience that aligns with client goals and end-user interactions.”

“For us at LIV, TECH / DESIGN / CULTURE, together, have always been at the core of everything we do, and with our VLD approach to interior design, it is no different:

TECHNOLOGY – Through the use of always evolving technology, our team of highly skilled CG artists produce hyper-realistic renderings of our designs to serve as the key communication tool with clients, as well as supplementary references for contractors and suppliers. Our team is constantly looking at ways to better improve our design process through different technological tools that are available. Technology is constantly evolving, and LIV enthusiastically embraces and encourages any advances that enhance the design process and improves client collaboration.”

“DESIGN – Achieving the perfect balance of timeless and functional design starts with client collaboration. Prior to the design development stage is the collaborative process between our designers and clients – exchanging preliminary ideas and goals of the space. Our designers turn to three main visual tools: material sample boards, concept images, and sketches to communicate and build upon the direction of the design. With designing for functionality in mind, this process helps our designers create a vision that caters to our clients and end-users of the space.”

“CULTURE – During the design development stage, we identify how the design and use of a space will evolve as a response to world events, influences and needs. As the world evolves, we believe design should reflect that – design that is functional, innovative and encourages collaboration.”

“Now, at this unusual time, the use of visuals in our design process has taken on a new significance and primacy as our designers and clients are compelled to rely heavily on visual tools to ensure business continuity while socially distancing. As numerous industries and businesses adapt and shift towards technology and digital tools, we are excited to see where the future of design leads.”

To learn more about the VLD process you can visit the recent post on the LIV website here. Be sure to also follow along on Instagram @LIV.designstudio.

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